Electrically Heated Clothing


* Intelligent power supply by lithium battery, four-gear heat conditioning, portable

* No conductors exposed in coat and pants, safe and convenient

* Far infrared carbon fiber heating elements in front (×2) and back (×1), knees (×2) and lower abdomen (×1)

* Far infrared carbon fiber heating elements in pockets in coat and pants, connect lithium battery with standard connector, convenient and reliable to use

* Take out electrically heated elements for washing

* 100% pure cotton of both fabric and liner

* Cream or coffee

* New arrive of deep blue warm fleece underclothes, warm the whole body, and good insulation effect


Warm people working and living in cold and low-temperature environments, especially the people working in open area in winter and the old。






Material and energy-saving environmentally-friendly product capable of storing lots of cold energy and releasing it slowly when required


* Keep different foods, drugs and goods to the cooling, especially apply to cold-chain transportation at different temperature

* Cool in local environment, especially cool the human body to avoid damage from high-temperature and hot environment and realize cool effect, e.g. cooling clothing.

* Cool individual of patient and medical staff during medical treatment

* Daily necessities, like household ice cream machine, ice cup, ice bag, blindfold, mask, winebottle cooling sleeve and refrigerator cooler bag

* Household and bedding products, like cool mattress and pillow

* Cool in special industry, such as aviation and spaceflight with special cooling demand


* Usage temperature: -35℃ to +24℃

* Solid, liquid or colloid

* No chromatography, long service life, low condensate depression and high potential heat value

* Solid transport, safer, and lower cost

* Unique hard gel type coolant, no deformation and overflow, elastic, extremely high potential heat value

* Strong technical team and advanced facilities, meet demand on research and development of special coolant